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04/16/19 11:33 AM #5    

Carol Nero (Beckmann)

Hahahaha! Good job, Pam! What's happening on the 50 year reunion?




04/16/19 05:17 PM #6    


Pamela Drell

Senior tales -adventures-from your classmates.  

Read others and share yours.

I have elbowed my way to the front of the food chain at Costco many times to guarantee a sample.

On a recent trip I made an even better discovery- how to get the most!  I found an interesting jackfruit sampling so I maneuvered my way through the throng of seniors to be certain to get my share.  In order to ensure that I found the largest piece available, I had to turn several of the plastic cups so I could see into them.  The sample lady adamantly insisted: “ now you have to take each and every cup you touched .”  The jackfruit industry took a hit that day.

04/17/19 11:56 AM #7    


Bruce Adams

I don't know jacksh-t about jackfruit, but I admire your spunk and I certainly wouldn't want to get in the way of your elbows!!

04/17/19 02:34 PM #8    


Mickey Siegel

I knew Jack Fruit, Jack Fruit was a friend of mine, and you are certainly no Jack Fruit!

04/23/19 09:06 PM #9    


Paul S. Arnold

Greetings Fellow Classmates!

As we come together to celebrate our 50 year reunion and to reconnect with old friends, we’d like to begin by getting reacquainted with the latest versions of ourselves. Welcome to NTW Class of 1969 2.0! 

Coming of age during the turbulent 1960’s, our vision was framed by a wide range of political and cultural events: The assassinations of JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the Viet Nam War, protests in the street, civil rights and feminist movements, a walk on the moon, sexual liberation, drug experimentation and Wood stock.

Some people say there was a Revolution. Maybe it was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The fact is we were young and idealistic. We questioned traditional values and rejected established authority. We were determined not be uptight and controlling like our parents. Upon graduation from NTW, we aspired to make this world a kinder, gentler place.

What did we do with our lives? What became of our hopes and dreams? Most of us went to college, started careers, got married and raised families. Others chose a road less traveled. We scattered to all corners of the earth embarking on journeys of self-discovery. Did we change the world or did the world change us? Please take a few moments to ponder this question and help us with a 2019 class project.

We want to open a dialogue through which we can learn from and deepen our reunion experience. We know your time is valuable and hope this will be a pleasant diversion. The information you provide will not be used to generate unwanted emails or influence the 2020 elections. Feel free to be brief or expansive and to ignore any questions you choose. You won’t be graded on your answers.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
If you were given one “do-over,” what would it be?
What else would you like your classmates to know about you?
Please post your response to the NTW reunion website message forum at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you.


The 2019 Reunion Committee

04/24/19 12:07 PM #10    

Leon F. Edelman

It's pretty clear my greatest achievement was that light bulb "bust" from Miss Lacey's class.  The room had a "potters wheel" which was always intriguing.  I'm sure you all remember my light bulb bust although I've always thought it ought to have gotten a better grade.  If given the opportunity, I'd basically do everything over as I've already done it the way I did it. I have regrets but they were earned.  There is nothing very burning you need to know about me when you consider we haven't spoken in 50 years in most cases.....But I'm curious about all of y'all. Oh! You wanted a "serious" answer?  It's THAT kind of room?
Leon Edelman

04/24/19 12:42 PM #11    


James Henderson

Question responses: 1) Successful pursuit of happiness by myself and everyone with whom I've had the opportunity to associate with.  2) There were two job offers I should have accepted, but things turned out OK otherwise.  3) There is something uniquely worthwhile and interesting about every person.  Those discoveries accumulate well beyond graduation.  Sail and ski till you drop.  Crimson and clover.

04/24/19 09:23 PM #12    


Bruce Adams


I had never heard about your infamous lightbulb bust.  However, I suspect the reason you didn't get the grade you deserved is that Miss Lacey herself was a real bulb buster.  Thanks for sharing.

04/25/19 10:49 AM #13    

Debra Davis (Gass)

I liked what Paul posted about the era we grew up in. There will never be a generation as memorable as us Baby Boomers. His questions are thought provoking, and can be a window into our souls. I actually moved to Chicago my Junior year, and attended Holy Name Cathedral ( that is another humorous story). I look forward to reconnecting with classmates and meeting new fellow travelers, as we trudge the road to happy destiny. Greatest Accomplishment:  4 beautiful adult children and 4 grandchildren.  I would not redo anything in my life for it was ordained by God. My favorite Bible Verse. “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for good and not disaster, a future and a hope.”  (Jeremiah 29:11).  I love to share my faith and yes,  enjoy prison ministry. These are things I am proud for you to know about me, and I hope some of you will share as well. 🙏 Namaste

(Note from Paul: Other committee members wrote this forum question and I just posted it at their request.)  

04/25/19 12:21 PM #14    

Neal B. Strom

Greatest acheivment in life is my wonderful marriage to a great gal.  We are partners through thick and thin.  I love her so much. The marriage produced three kid, one works for me., one works for party slate and one is a broadcaster who works for the YOUNG TURKS in Los Angeles.  No grand kids, yet!


I always wanted to be a lawyer.  I wanted to have a career where i could dedicate myself to helping people with the challenges of life and make a living.  That has worked out pretty good. I have practiced law in Chicago for 42 years.


I am fortunate to have my parents in my life.  They are 93 and 91.  They are pretty cool and we have lived, loved and enjoyed life together through the good and the bad.  There have been challenges but we have made the best of things.







04/26/19 01:36 PM #15    


Pamela Drell

Fifty years ago I was a diligent socializer who liked to gab, eat popcorn in the Girl's Club office and-  not unlike many of you I suspect-I tried to figure out who I was. I wondered about my goals but had great expectations for my future.

Half a century later I have a firmer idea of myself and can see some of the seeds of me in my highschool self. I still love popcorn (but the carbs are bad for me & also not good for my gut).  While I wouldn't take back a second of the good laughs I shared ( sorry Ms. Mac!), I do regret that I didn't take PE seriously.  

But in reality, as Leon Edelman so aptly put it, there is "nothing burning you need to know about me " if we haven't spoken in awhile.

I am sure you have had your own journeys over the years and I do look forward to finding out about you because-- I still love to socialize. 

Planning and attending the 40th reunion was an interesting experience for me.  Subsequently, I realize that nobody gets through life without struggles, pain and loss.  Personally, I reconnected with dear people that seemed less concerned about who you were in high school and I also met some great new people. I appreciate that many of you fellow NTW69ers evolved to be sensitive good people.



04/28/19 06:56 PM #16    

Curtis P. Cohen

Well I certainly do not have a “greatest achievement.” My “do over” is a little backwards. I would have liked to have found my 3rd wife the first time that I got married.                                                

We have all lived in turbulent times. JFK. From Goldwater vs. LBJ to the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention. From Vietnam to tricky Dick and Watergate. Spirit Agnew resigned, Gerry Ford was an unelected president. Moratoriums, Kent State, Jackson State. We endured the Iran hostage situation for a year. Jimmy Carter led us to Ronnie Reagan. Gas shortages to an abundance of oil. No more Soviet Union. “Tear down that wall Mr. Gorbachev.” We had Bush1 & Desert Storm, and Clinton with Monica. Bush 2 with Cheny— who couldn’t shoot straight. WMDs that didn’t exist while we invaded Iraq. Obama and the “great recession.” Bank bailouts. GM & Chrysler bankrupt.  Our stock market is at an all time high. Now we have the unexpected President Trump. Whatever your take on the past or the current— we have all lived in turbulent and very divisive times. And the Cubbies won the World Series.





04/28/19 07:51 PM #17    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

We are looking to connect with our teachers.


If you are in touch with one or more of NTW69

teachers, please send me their e-mail if you have 

it. Otherwise, please invite them to the reunion.  

If you provide me with their contact information, I

will follow-up with an email invitation as well.  


We don't want to charge anything for the faculty

to attend. They have already gifted us with 

knowledge and the curiosity to keep learning. 

Thanks for your help!

Susan Silverman Boldrey


04/28/19 09:13 PM #18    


Bruce Adams

Going Out on a Lim(erick):


1.  I recall the past 50 years

     with equal parts laughter and tears.

     My achievements are measured

     in small moments treasured.

     I can still get up off my rear.


2.  Regrets?  There's been more than a few.

     At times, I had nary a clue.

     Did the best that I could.

     Was more lucky than good.

     Sounds so trite, I know, but it's true!


3.  I earned my bachelor's degree.

     Traded beans at the C-B-O-T.

     I live my best life.

     Cross the globe with my wife.

     My grand daughter's smile sets me free.


Extra Credit:


Freshman year, my friends went to East.

Of my problems, that was the least.

I was really quite small,

hardly noticed at all.

Only now, have my margins increased.



04/29/19 10:54 AM #19    

Paul Andersen

As a journalist in Colorado for over 40 years, a book author, historian, nature guide, seminar moderator and non-profit ED, I wonder how our generation will be judged by history. The population wave we have ridden reflects a bulge in consumerism, carbon emissions and self-gratification - something my 26-year-old son condemns repeatedly. So what values did we learn at NTW and throughout the '60s cultural transformations that can redeem us in the eyes of the furture?

I founded and run a non-profit for veterans (www.hutsforvets.org) and write a weekly opinion column in the Aspen Times (https://www.aspentimes.com/opinion/). Retirement is not a goal for me as the work I do inspires and motivates. I'm 68 and busier than ever by giving back as a means of balancing out the entitlements that our Boomer generation is often accused of exploiting. The final line of 'Schindler's List' - "I could have done more..." rings in my ears and prods my conscience.

Collaborating with other service-minded individuals and organizations expands on what I aspire to, so please connect and describe your work if you're engaged in issues like environment, climate change, conservation, social justice, health, education, non-violence, poverty, etc. It would be a pleasure to reconnect on pursuits that go beyond status, image, self-gratification and the mundane. I can be reached at andersen@rof.net. - Paul Andersen, Basalt, Colorado.

05/03/19 08:15 PM #20    


Paul S. Arnold

In today's world so many spam emails are sent daily that many people and/or email service providers have resorted to very high level spam filtering. This unfortunately means that sometimes messages sent from your web site to your Classmates, and even messages from one Classmate to another, can be marked as spam and therefore never read.

There are four measures you can take to combat this problem.

  1. Have your Classmates check their spam or junk email folders to see if emails are going there.
  2. You, the Site Administrator, should personally whitelist the email address noreply@classcreator.net.
  3. Blast email your Class List and ask your Classmates to also whitelist noreply@classcreator.net.
  4. Ask your Classmates if they subscribe to any third party email filtering services, such as spamarrest.com. If so, they need to add noreply@classcreator.net as a safe sender.

FYI: "Whitelist" is the general term for allowing an email to come through from a specific email address every time, regardless of the content contained within the email. Whitelist is also sometimes referred to as a "Safe List" or an "Approved Senders List." If you and your Classmates whitelist noreply@classcreator.net, messages that may not ordinarily get through will now be received and read every time.

Please note the Class Creator system does not send spam mail of any kind to your Classmates. And when we email you directly, the Site Administrators, we will only send you messages we think are important to the business of running your class web site. Thus you and your Classmates can whitelist noreply@classcreator.net with confidence that spam email will never be sent by us. Taking these measures will help ensure that all Classmates participating in your site can freely communicate without losing legitimate messages to spam filtering technology.

05/09/19 07:34 PM #21    


Paul S. Arnold

It has come to our attention that a number of people have wanted to donate to the 50th reunion event but were not given the option of putting that donation on a credit card. That has now been fixed. If you have already promised a donation, you can now use that option to fulfill that wish. Donations can help us keep the cost down for everyone as well as allow us to improve the event experience. You can donate even if you are unable to attend the reunion. There is a blue "DONATE NOW'" button near the middle right side of the Home page. (Another yellow button at the bottom of the page is a different animal and goes to support the website platform and has nothing to do with the reunion)

05/29/19 05:55 PM #22    


Pamela Drell

Several weeks ago your reunion committee and I posted a letter to formally kick off the reunion festivities.  We hoped to encourage you to reconnect by reflecting on the past 50 years and beginning a conversation about where we are now in our lives and how far we have come.  Please take a moment to scroll up on the forum to Paul Arnold's 4/23/19 post to read or reread the letter.  Please additionally think about  "With whom from the past 50 years would you like to have dinner and take a selfie?" Then post your own response in a few words or paragraphs and feel free to respond to what others have to say.  Thank you.

06/19/19 09:24 AM #23    


Bruce Adams

Who would I like to share dinner and a selfie with?  My classmates.  Now you might be wondering, "Who is this Bruce Adams and what does he want?"  You are content with your life.  You don't need any more "friends."  You prefer to be left alone.

But, enough about you.  What about me?  High school was an awkward time in my life.  I spent four years in search of my identity.  I was immature and self-absorbed.  I may have come across as off-putting, sarcastic and a wise-ass, but all I really wanted was to be loved and accepted.  Fortunately, I have been able to resolve the identity issue.  I have no interest in a long slog through the past.  I'm looking for a leisurely stroll down memory lane.

If you live in the Chicago area, I would like to meet you at your favorite restaurant.  I'm always on the lookout for a trendy new place or a friendly neighborhood dive.  I'm a fan of ethnic cuisine.   I also like a good steak.  I promise not to order the most expensive entree or run up a huge bar tab.  I won't offend you by asking intrusive questions or repeating off-color jokes.  We can discuss sports, the weather, grandchildren.  We can avoid religion and politics.  We don't even have to talk.  We can simply savor the moment and snap a quick selfie.

If you reside outside of Illinois, no problem!  I love to travel.  I'm semi-retired and up for exploring unchartered territories.  I can feel at home in your guest bedroom.  I'm neat, well-organized and capable of handling light housekeeping duties.  If you have Netflix, that would be a bonus.  I have no pet allergies or dietary restrictions.  My cardiologist would like me to consume less sodium and eat more heart healthy.  He says I could stand to drop a few pounds.  Ok, 20 pounds.  Rest assured, however, that I will not be fussy about whatever you serve for dinner.

Fifty years ago, we were defined and divided according to learning levels and social status.  Today, we have no barriers to prevent us from connecting in a meaningful way.  I urge you to sign up for the Bruce Adams Dinner And Selfie Series.

Or, come to our NTW 50th reunion celebration at the North Shore Renaissance Hotel on Sept.14.  Either way, you'll be in for a BADASS time!

06/20/19 02:40 AM #24    


Tom Lassar

From TL and Jane:  sign us up for the dinner and selfies.  Going to try to round up as many of the NTW/Wash U crowd as well.  Please do the same.




06/20/19 10:36 AM #25    


Bruce Adams

Welcome aboard!  Slots are filling up quickly for BADASS.  You need to reserve a date.  Am I coming to Tucson or will you be heading my way?  Please reply through a personal message.

06/20/19 01:27 PM #26    


Tom Lassar

Do not even remotely consider coming to AZ in the summer when it's 105-115 for 3 mo.  "But it's a dry heat" lmfao



07/12/19 02:05 PM #27    


Bud Gross

My response to Paul Arnold's thoughts on reflection are as follows:

My greatest achievement was getting my CPA certification, which I didn’t go after until I was 65 years old (it’s never too late!)  My “do-over” would be to go away to college (rather than stay local), and wait until a few years after graduation before getting married and having children.  I retired early, then started an “encore career” as a financial consultant to keep busy after my wife passed away.

07/12/19 02:26 PM #28    


Bud Gross

Tom, in response to your comment on the Arizona heat, I HEAR YOU!  I spend half my time in Scottsdale.  I was there most of June, and part of July, which this year was not too bad.  I'll be back there for most of August, probably just in time for the monsoons!  If you'll be around, maybe we can get together.  

07/12/19 02:43 PM #29    


Pamela Drell

Wow-nice, Bud.  We need to have an Az get together.  We just drove through Scottsdale-116*!

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