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09/02/19 08:33 PM #56    


Richard Reeves


My wife and I are also coming from out of town and I've been gone from the Chicago area for many years. My wife has only been in Chicago one time before so the more packed it is the better I think. I am still trying to coordinate with some local folks that I definitely want to see. So let's stay in touch.  With only two weeks to go I love the number of ideas of things to do that people are coming up with. Makes it even more exciting.

09/02/19 09:49 PM #57    


Terri Fitzsimmons

I just discovered that the Chicago Botanic Gardens are about 3/4 of a mile from the Courtyard where I am staying. Probably 1 1/2 miles from the Renaissance Hotel.  There is a shuttle from the Courtyard, but I don't know about the Renaissance. I'm planning to go on Friday to have breakfast or lunch, take some photos, and walk as much of the 385 acres of the gardens as possible. Just another option for the area. See you at the reunion.

09/03/19 07:43 AM #58    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)



FOR ALL NTW CLASS OF 1969 MUSIC STUDENTS!                      

at Jasper's Café.......1913 Waukegan Road in Glenview (on the east side of Waukegan)                                                                                                       

Please RSVP to Sue Silverman (Boldrey) at sboldreyfr@gmail.com







09/03/19 10:40 AM #59    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)


FOR:  All students of Mr. Mages                                                                                                                                                                                                  

i have a great idea!

Mr. Mages had a very wonderful impact on so many lives...Many of us "lived" in the Music Building and got our self-confidence along with the joys of learning and performing top world music  thanks to him...Mr. Mages also directed the shows, the Soundtracks record, co-led the trips to the Lyric,  to Mexico and to Europe...He did so much behind the scenes -- ALL FOR US!  He hired Mr. Mills, who brought jazz, fun and confidence to our young lives...Mr. Mages did so many things in his own demeure, caring way for so many of us...

I am close friends with Mr. Mages' daughter Joyce.  If you want to write a letter or a card  to bring to me at the Reunion and/or at the Music students' brunch on Sunday, September 15th, I will be very happy to send these to Joyce.  She can share them all with her two sisters and with Mr. and Mrs. Mages' THREE grandchildren and FIVE great-grandchildren!   If you prefer, you could send an email (via me:  sboldreyfr@gmail.com) about your memories of Mr. Mages.  ALSO, If you have photos that you could copy and include, that would be great!

Hoping to bring this surprise "gift" to fruittion.  

PS:  If you are in touch with any other music students, please share this idea with them.


09/03/19 11:25 AM #60    


Hooper R. Jones

Regarding the Avoca class photo......I'll take a stab at the back row (L - R....sorry for misspellings): Mr Nelson, me, ?, ?, Dave Lopater, George Scanlon, Bob Lucas, Mike Glickoff, ?, Bob Morton, Bruce Karp, ?, ?, ?, Richard Reeves, ?

09/03/19 02:38 PM #61    


Martin S. (Marty) Block

Nice try, Hooper. I never remember those that went to East.

09/03/19 04:01 PM #62    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

Hi, Locust Jr. High Alumni,

I have finally reached Mr. Lagerlof by phone yesterday!  I have kept in touch with him over the years, and his lvoe of teaching and of cultures is as vibrant and sincere as ever!  At age 90, he isn't able to travel to Chicago for our Reunion, however, I have his address, and I can send it to anyone who'd like to write to him.  I know that he'd love this!  Please email me or message me.

Over the years, I have also spoken to Mrs. Clauson (Miss Hollmeyer when we were in 6th grade).  I've left her several messages in the past month, but she must be traveling.  I have her information, too, if you want.  Just let me know.

Does anyone else have any information about our Locust teachers? 

Thank yoU!


09/04/19 01:40 AM #63    


Pamela Drell

Here is the list of people that have signed-up for the campus tour.  If you are also interested, please email: pamdrell@gmail.com BEFORE Sunday, Sept. 8

1:00 Saturday, September 14

NTW Campus Tour:

Larry Fulhurst

Shelley Tucker Powell

Steve Standefer 

Jim Henderson

Gary Smedile 

Bud Gross

Jim Sedore 

Bob Gilewski 

Nancy Kuppersmith

Sue Boldrey

Robbin (Graham) Alcorn-Jones

Carol Nero Beckmann

Don Brownlee

Amy Peet

Larry Peet

Ross Brittain

Jean Moyle Rogers

Jim Siegle

Sandy Andrews

Suzanne Kossow

Bob Kossow

Andrew Bowmer

Terri Fitzsimmons

Nancy Wieboldt

Larry Doyle

Holly Voit

Brad Brailsford

Lee Sacks

Joan Sacks

Jackie Wolf

Louis Wu

Tim Taylor

Charlene Smith Washburn

09/04/19 02:20 PM #64    


Pamela Reibman (Krolik)

Thank You Sue Silverman, Mr Lagerlof, of all the teachers in my life, made the biggest impact on me. I’ve often wondered about him but never thought of reaching out. He was the one who announced  the tragedy that was JFK. We walked in to his room after lunch and he bellowed “be quiet and take your seat”. He rolled the small black and white tv to the front of the class and we sat silently watching the tvand listening to John Lagerlof. He understood the potential that I had for learning if I had just shut my mouth. I didn’t listen to him, I should have but having fun was the better choice for me at that time. I’ll take that email address please. Pamkrolik@gmail.com

09/05/19 11:17 AM #65    


Pamela Drell

Please don’t put off registering for the reunion any longer than tonight -Sept 5.  I need to give the number to catering and pay tomorrow.  

09/05/19 01:57 PM #66    


Pamela Drell

If you have any candid photos from high school that are not already in the yearbook, please send to Laurie Brown Gordon ASAP:lauriegordon23@yahoo.com

09/08/19 10:13 PM #67    


Pamela Drell

 1:00 Saturday, Sept.14 NTW Tour Attendees:

 We will meet our tour guide in Building A, the District Administration building at 1:00 pm.  Watch  for a map that will be posted for your reference.

09/08/19 10:50 PM #68    


Bob Gilewski (Giles)

Paul - Thanks for posing the questions.  Here goes...

1.  I’d say that my most satisfying achievement has been living long enough to grow as a global grandparent.  My wife Nancy and I have four of “our own” grandchildren, three in Louisville, our hometown for 45 years, and one in Indianapolis.  Those of us fortunate to have grandkids know how special they are.

Four years ago Nancy and I were blessed to lead a team from our church that co-sponsored a refugee family from Syria - a widowed mom and four young boys ranging in age from four to nine.  The boys are now 8, 10, 11, and 13.  It’s been a joy (and sometimes a pain!) to watch and help them grow in their new country.  I consider mom as a friend and the boys as grandsons.  Through this family it’s been an education getting to know our local Middle Eastern community, their religion, their cultures.

Another blessing has been the opportunity to go on five church mission trips to Guatemala, including one this past July.  We minister to a small orphanage in Guatemala City and to a rural church community in Santiago, doing construction work and working/playing with the children in both locales.  I humbly count fifteen boys and girls from the orphanage as grandchildren.  And how’s this for a small world - during this most recent trip I talked by phone with fellow NTW69er Phyllis MacCartney, who lives in Guatemala!  Our schedules got in the way of meeting in person, so I hope we can meet during my next trip.

2.  My one do-over would have been to give music more of a try as a career, because it’s always been my passion.  I’ve been in the chemical engineering biz my entire working career, including making bourbon at Jim Beam for six years.  That has paid the bills over the years much better than my musical abilities could have.  Fortunately I’ve been able to play regularly in four bands, plus an occasional foray in church.  Especially in the latter venue, I always say I play well enough not to scare small children but not good enough to quit my day job. 🎷
3.  As you might infer from my posted name, I’m one of the few males with a “maiden name.” I legally went back to my family name in 1980, so I’ve been Gilewski longer than I was Giles.  However, I still answer to Ajax!
Thanks for listening, and as the only Kentucky resident in our class, see y’all this weekend!

09/09/19 02:22 AM #69    


Terri Fitzsimmons

 Pam - What’s with this Building A stuff?  I want to see EA, LS, LA, etc. Gone by the wayside. Bummer. 

I just realized that this message is #69. What a waste. It could have been put to much better use. Oh well, go 69ers!


09/09/19 08:20 AM #70    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

THIS weekend is our 50th NTW Class of 1969 Reunion!!   It sure feels GREAT to say this aloud!!  

FYI:  I have the sheet music for our school's fight song ("Fight, Cowboys, Fight"), and I copied it for everyone on BLUE paper!  AND....The type (from a type writer!) shows up GRAY (due to aging...)......So we can sing BLUE and GRAY again together!  

*** ALSO...Remmber if you can attend the 10:00 Sunday Brunch with Mr. Mills at Jaspers on Waukegan Road in Glenview, please RSVP to me ASAP so he can reserve our space.  RSVP:  sboldreyfr@gmail.com 

Safe travels, everyone!!


09/09/19 08:54 AM #71    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

TRIBUTE TO NANCY HERZBERG, classmate from Locust Jr. High and then NTE (due to the "Ridge Road" district divide in Spring 1965).
Dear NTW Class of 1969, Nancy Herzberg and I have been close friends since we met at Locust in 6th grade. I am sad to tell you that Nancy passed away on June 21st of this year, Summer Solstice. Nancy's life was one filled with learning, compassion, deep concern for our planet and for "love and light" as the path to survival and joy...Always a fervent reader whose mind never gave up as she strived to make sense of our world and to protect every creature "great and small", Nancy's sensitivity and energy were the leit motif in the lives of so many...Nancy was an activist for nature (anti-strip-mining in Appalachia in the 1970s and anti-clearcut in Oregon the 2000s) through the next 50 years fighting for farmers' rights, protection of water and of animals...Nancy taught Qi Gong and Yoga. She made several films to "save our planet". You can Google Nancy Herzberg and watch/share her beauty and her zest...Nancy lit up any room and any community...She always said, "Come from love! Come from light!"...As her best friend since 1962, I share this news and this "light" with you all...Shalom!




09/09/19 09:11 AM #72    


Paul S. Arnold

09/09/19 09:17 AM #73    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)




PLEASE RSVP to Sue Silverman Boldrey at:   sboldreyfr@gmail.com 

Thank you!


09/09/19 08:23 PM #74    


Janice Woldenberg (Miller)

Locating Betsy Ellis

Does anyone have current information on Betsy Ellis? I forgot her maiden name. Her dad was a history teacher at New Trier West. She moved to the Denver area in her early 20s after getting married.

Thank you,

Janice Woldenberg-Miller

(650) 815-8815



09/09/19 08:32 PM #75    


Janice Woldenberg (Miller)

Catching a ride...

Is anyone coming from the north side of Chicago or Evanston, that I can catch a ride with to the New Trier West tour?

If this is a possibility, could you call or text me at (650) 815-8815.

Much thanks,

Janice Woldenberg Miller

09/10/19 02:10 PM #76    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

Dear Locust, New Trier West, and New Trier East Almni,

Several of you have asked about links to Nancy Herzberg's experiences.  Here are some links for you to enjoy as we all "Come from love and light".


Cobscook Community Learning Center shared an event. ... Join filmmaker Nancy Herzberg as she presents her trilogy of videos about Qigong and Yoga! ... A Trilogy of Qigong and Yoga Videos to Honor Nature.
Jun 28, 2019 - June 29, 2019 — Nancy Herzberg, 63, a long-time resident of Florence, passed away early in the morning of Friday, June 21, 2019, three ...
IN FLIGHT: Extinction Dance is a spiritual qigong/yoga dance film in honor, remembrance and mourning of extinct and endangered species. Every day, 150- 200 ...

09/13/19 01:06 AM #77    


Tom Lassar

1969 CLASSMATES:  I was looking forward to this reunion with considerable  excitement and anticipation and had "worked the crowd" to help boost interest and attendance, however sad and unfortunate last minute circumstances will prevent me from attending.  My closest friend and practice colleague since Cardiology training at the University of Chicago in 1980, Dr Joel Holland, was rendered critically ill, ironically by a massive heart attack last weekend,  and is now fighting for his life in St Francis Hospital on Long Island, NYC where he had only recently assumed a leadership role in cardiac imaging after leaving the Cleveland Clinic.  I am now at his bedside offering help and encouragement to Joel, who was like a brother to me, and to his wife and 2 sons.

 Please take a moment to raise your glasses in a toast, then a moment of prayer for a man who selflessly devoted his time and entire career so that others might live happy, healthy, longer, and productive lives.  But, life is unfair.  Live every day as though it is your last, and never go to bed angry.  God bless you all, have a great time, see you at the 60th Reunion!!!  

--Tom Lassar 



09/13/19 11:19 AM #78    

Frederick Weil

Dear Tom: Sorry to hear about Dr. Holland. I wish him all the best in his fight to regain his health. Certainly understand your reason for missing the reunion (not even a close call), but will miss seeing you there. Good luck and please take care. Fred Weil

09/13/19 02:04 PM #79    


Susan Silverman (Boldrey)

Dear Tom,

I am keeping your dear friend in my thoughts and prayers...


09/14/19 12:03 PM #80    


Mark Friedman

Dear Tom, All the best to Dr. Holland and his family. He is lucky to have such a dear friend and brother like you. You are so right about living each day to the fullest. As musician Warren Zevon said to David Letterman when he was terminally ill and Letterman asked him what he'd learned, "Enjoy every sandwich." And I'll add: every sunrise, every sunset, and everything in between.

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